Living Flames Baptist Church is an international charismatic church, with a vision to reach the world. In 1992, it began as a fellowship in Edmonton, London with 6 members and two babies led by Bishop Eric and his wife Lucy. The fellowship moved to Toynbee hall and it then became known and called the International Worship Centre. Later on the church moved to British Gas on Old Kent Road, not long after that Pastor Eric made a strategic move- led by the Holy Spirit to merge with IWC and the Calvary Baptist church in New Cross in 1995, which was then led by Pastor Philip and Mrs Rachel Lane. At a holy ghost filled all night service, God ministered to Pastor Eric and he subsequently changed the name of the church from Calvary Baptist Church to Living Flames Baptist Church. It was his vision and desire that this assembly will flame continually with passion for Christ and for lost souls until the return of the Lord. And so the new name – a rebirth which led to the inception of LFBC to God’s glory. In 1996, the church opened its arms again by merging with the then Fulbourne Road Baptist Church, which was comprised of eight widows and a man. 10 members moved from New Cross to start this church plant. Today it has a strong membership of people from all walks of life and is growing from strength to strength. Additionally, in 2007, the Late Pastor Rex Ofosu moved to live in Luton with his family and he started a church plant there to add to our tally of churches. The future looks bright and our vision is to increase our church plants in the London area and across the United Kingdom. We are a loving family oriented church and we invite you to join us during our Sunday services in a church near you. God Bless you!

Bishop Eric Ntorinkansah

Bishop Eric Ntorinkansah is the founder and general overseer of Living Flames Baptist Church Int. with its headquarters in London. He has been in ministry for over 22 years with a burning desire to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to people of different racial background throughout the world. Ever Since he founded his first Church, he has helped plant numerous churches throughout the world and served on a variety of Christian committees. Bishop Eric began preaching at the age of 19. Over the years he has become a much sought-after conference speaker, a Bible teacher and a media commentator particularly on marital issues. A man of many attributes, Bishop Eric is known for his practical approach to the teaching and dissecting of the Bible with signs and wonders following. His bent toward sermonising and teaching of the Bible has been inspired by his deep and personal encounter with God and his verse-by-verse Bible teaching style encourages believers to apply the infallible truths found in the Scripture to their daily live. 
Under his dynamic leadership, the Living Flames Baptist church has sturdily grown to become a thriving evangelical assembly, affecting a myriad of people and the very fabric of the community. He has taught Bible seminars for decades, sharing how Christians can apply the Word to the circumstances of life and to live a victorious life. His burning passion for the lost souls and the demonstration of God's divine love has seen him establish an orphanage in South India to help children whose lives have been blighted by the evils inherent in drugs, prostitution and lack of parental care. 
As a minister of the gospel therefore, he has succeeded in inculcating into his congregation and those who come into contact with him the need to pursue a personal relationship with God in order to live a more fulfilled Christian life. For more than two decades, he has taken God's message of hope, deliverance and truth to over a million households throughout the world. His preaching and teaching approach have stimulated today's world wide miracle evangelism. The delivery of his sermons is influenced by his inner being, thrilled with inspirations and longing for the expression of God's word. 
He is married to Mrs Lucy Ntorinkansah who holds the same vision as himself both aiming to make God's word known to others.

Lucy Ntorinkansah

Mrs Lucy Ntorinkansah is the first lady and wife of the founder of Living Flames Baptist Church Int.